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Amanda Herrera is a talented, fun-loving cook and caterer with a passion for using locally-sourced ingredients to create inspired dishes that reflect Canada’s diverse culture….
Angie MacRae is a Chef and co-host This Food That Wine. Angie is a graduate of Stratford Chefs School, but her “food education” stretches far outside of the classroom….
Bianca Osbourne is fun, sassy, outspoken, and quick with her signature knowing smile. A child of Caribbean immigrants, the Edmonton, Canada native is now based in Toronto where she teaches Food Media and Business at Centennial College….
Carlo Rota was born in London, England, and has said in an interview with CBC that his passion for cuisine comes from his father – a prominent international chef….
As a competitive person, Caroline has always been very invested in growing as a chef. She also got involved with farming during her career, leading her to become involved with supporting and cooking with good quality, local products….
Craig is the Chef and owner of Patois Toronto, an Asian-Caribbean restaurant and the executive chef at Ting Irie, Dubai’s first Jamaican restaurant. …
Today, Chef Derek Dammann is based in Montréal where he is the proud owner of Maison Publique….
Desiree Nielsen lives by the motto: real food for real people. She credits her Portuguese roots and gardening with her grandmother as the foundation for her love of healthy cooking….
Elizabeth’s love for cooking grew from her family, “My parents always encouraged me to experiment in the kitchen.” She took on an apprenticeship at the Empress Hotel, where she even had the opportunity to cook for Queen Elizabeth II….
Eva is currently the Executive Head Chef at Avling, Toronto’s latest restaurant for contemporary Chinese/Canadian cuisine. Her Samoan-Hawaiian and Singaporean-Chinese heritage shows through in every dish she makes….
Georges love for cooking started at the young age of 15 after working for a catering business. After pursuing a career in the culinary arts and even opening his own restaurant, he continues to work as a chef in various well-known locations,…
Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen is passionate about simple and authentic Japanese home cooking. Born and raised in Canada to a Japanese mother and German father, Hana had the opportunity to live in Japan from 2001-2004….
Spending a lot of time on her family farm in Embrun, Ontario, Jasmin’s appreciation for food came naturally. From a young age, Jasmin Rose has had a strong personal connection with Lebanese cuisine….
While baking is her greatest passion, Jessica’s love for adventure has taken her around the world. She has travelled to almost every continent, teaching English as a second language and developing her baking talent, picking up tips from Aus…
Jim Kelley, eccentric co-host of Junk Brothers, opened a few small companies of his own. He tried his hand at running an Antique store in Ottawa and then decided to focus on the transportation of antiquities….
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