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The Latin Kitchen

The Latin Kitchen is an upbeat half hour of culinary favourites from Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. From Baja to Barcelona, from Caracas to Catalonia, our charismatic hosts take us on a flavourful tour of some of the world’s most vibrant cuisines. In their very own rustic kitchen, the charming hosts introduce us to simple techniques and exotic new ingredients sure to spice up any dinner party or weeknight meal. Learn how to make traditional recipes like aromatic arepas from Venezuela, street-style Mexican carnitas, and golden shrimp Paella from Spain. The men of The Latin Kitchen are sure to inspire you with their culinary passion, entertaining cooking techniques, and irresistible dishes.

Season 1

An upbeat half-hour of culinary favourites from Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. Three charming hosts, skillful techniques and wholesome ingredients are sure to spice up any dinner party or weeknight meal.

Available with Mandarin subtitles and Spanish dubbing!


Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Luis Valenzuela has dedicated his life to the culinary arts. His passion was ignited by his grandmother and mother who taught him that ‘food is the soul of life.’…
Originally from the Catalan Pyrenees, Luis “Tigretón” Leon is a Montreal-based chef who specializes in Spanish food. Determined to perfect his craft, Tigretón traveled across Spain, working in kitchens from Valencia, to Madrid….
Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Juan Pablo started cooking at a young age, making Sunday lunches with the men in his family. By university, his classmates were paying him to make their meals….

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