A is for Apple


A is for Apple is a fun and fresh take on the food challenge show genre.

In each episode, one of our three hip, young chefs randomly picks a letter of the alphabet and goes shopping for two very different ingredients that start with that letter (apples and anchovies, bananas and bacon, chicken and chocolate – just to name a few).

Back in the kitchen, the hosts create mouthwatering dishes for acts two and three. In the final act, they reach deep and come up with one crazy but delicious mash-up dish that features both ingredients! Kale and kumquats, anyone?

Lauren perfected her culinary craft in some of the industry’s best kitchens in Ottawa, Prince Edward County, British Columbia and Costa Rica. After years of working behind the scenes in restaurants, Lauren is now focusing on her food televi

About the Host

Leah Wildman grew up with an actor father and chef mother, and considers herself a direct by-product of them both. She studied French gastronomy in the south of France, and staged in the south before moving to Paris.

About the Host

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About the Host

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