Fresh Market Dinners

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Fresh Market Dinners

Fresh Market Dinners is a travelling cooking series that takes us on a Canadian culinary journey from market to plate. Endearing host Amanda Herrera brings us to farmers’ markets, where she discovers local produce and artisanal products, while learning more about the people who harvest the ingredients. Following her market adventure, Amanda drives her retro teardrop trailer to her fabulously cozy outdoor kitchen, where she cooks up inspiring recipes using the fresh food bounty she discovered that day.

Season 1

Host Amanda Herrera travels city to city, exploring farmers’ markets where she discovers local produce and artisanal products. A culinary journey from market to plate and the people in between.

Available with Mandarin subtitles!


Amanda Herrera is a talented, fun-loving cook and caterer with a passion for using locally-sourced ingredients to create inspired dishes that reflect Canada’s diverse culture….

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