Gusto TV Studios Presents

Gusto TV Studios Presents is an anthology consisting of five separate but related shows in which a variety of hosts showcase their talent, passion, and creativity through different applications of culinary, beauty, and wellness techniques. Watch professional chefs like Zach Resnick, Natalia Machado, and Eva Bee whip up wonders in the kitchen, or join a host of characters to sate your hunger for Food News, wellness tips and techniques, and a holistic look at diet, movement, and spiritual wellbeing.

Bring on the Karbs

Gusto TV Studios Presents: Bring on the Karb’s is a food show from Gusto TV like you’ve never seen! Hosts (and real-life husband and wife) Chefs Erica and Josh Karbelnik show us that food really is the language of love! Whether collaborating on a themed menu, or creating surprise dishes in a head-to-head challenge, the results are always delicious!

Zach Kinda Cooks

Gusto TV Studios Presents: Zach Kinda Cooks is an off-beat, slow-paced food show from Gusto TV! Lazy and curmudgeonly Chef and ex-Gusto writer Zach cooks his signature brand of over-the-top, calorically dense comfort food, all while working in a smidge of food science, and a bit of foul language for good measure. He manages to cook one dish per show because he’s very tired and his feet hurt. While cooking, he tells aimless stories, cracks bad jokes, and berates Sydney, the beleaguered camera person.

Eva's B

Gusto TV Studios Presents: Eva’s B is a bubbly and fun food show from Gusto TV! Chef, mom, author, and internet personality Eva Bee graces viewers with her health conscious, low-gluten recipes that the whole family will adore! Each episode Eva picks a particular ‘B’ – bacon, butter, breakfast, BBQ, etc. – and creates wholesome dishes to fit the theme to a B!

The Lineup

Gusto TV Studios Presents: The Lineup is an exciting, new take on the genre of food shows. Presented in a sketch-type structure, each episode of The Lineup will contain mini-acts of three other shows: Corktales – captivating bar tales and craveable drinks; Food News – a fun and comedic roundup of food-centric happenings; and Cheeseburgers of the World – a showcase for globally-inspired cheeseburger creations.

Mucho Machado

Gusto TV Studios Presents: Mucho Machado is a caliente new show from Gusto TV! Uber-talented Chef and legacy host Natalia Machado shares her love of cooking in both of her native languages – English and Spanish! Chef Natalia takes her inspiration from ingredients and cooking techniques from all Latin nations!

She’s earned top honours and television cook offs alike – edging out the competition with her creativity and authentic Argentinian fare. Today, she is Executive Chef at Montreal’s L’Atelier d’Argentine. Her biggest food vice is hot sauce.

About the Host

With Toronto’s top-rated burger under his belt, Joe Friday’s culinary adventures continue with Gusto TV’s BLITZ! and Gusto TV Studios Presents: The Lineup.

About the Host

Cocktail expert Yvonne is the creator behind the food and drink blog Taste & Tipple. Her passion for making cocktails emerged after falling in love with the Food & Drink magazine at 18 years old.

About the Host

Zachary Resnick is a former culinary chef who channeled his love and passion for food into his writing. Zach is known for his sarcastic and acerbic sense of humor that keeps people on their toes.

About the Host

Through her personal chef service, Eva Bee has become a trusted ally for environmentally conscious families, athletes, and individuals with dietary restrictions. She has created over 500 delicious recipes and collaborated with nine international cooking shows, including Gusto TV’s BLITZ! and Gusto TV Studios Presents: Eva’s B.

About the Host

Chef Erica Karbelnik’s culinary journey began at a young age, igniting her passion for food at 17 years old where she embarked on her first professional cooking job in Toronto at ONE Restaurant. She co-owns Karbs Catering & Private Events with her husband Josh Karbelnik and are the co-hosts on two Gusto TV shows: BLITZ! and Gusto TV Studios Presents: Bring On The Karbs.

About the Host

Chef Josh Karbelnik co-owns Karbs Catering & Private Events with his wife Erica Karbelnik where they make every event special and personal. In 2024, Karbs Catering & Private Events won the Canadian Choice Award for private chef in Toronto. Together, the Karbelniks are co-hosts of two Gusto TV shows: BLITZ! and Gusto TV Studios Presents: Bring On The Karbs.

About the Host

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