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One World Kitchen

One World Kitchen is a creative and high style cooking series featuring nine cuisines: Argentinian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Greek. The young and vibrant hosts will captivate your audience by teaching them how to master the world’s hottest dishes and showing them age-old cooking secrets from their unique cultures.

Season 1

In this creative and high style cooking series, five young and vibrant hosts bridge modern and the traditional as they share age-old cooking secrets and dishes from each of their unique cultures with five global cuisines: Indian, Thai, Italian, South American and Japanese.

Some episodes available with Mandarin subtitles and Spanish dubbing!

Season 2

One World Kitchen Season 2 stars four passionate and captivating female cooks, each with a unique culinary expertise, shared through four distinct cuisines: Thai, Italian, Argentinian, and Japanese.

Available with Mandarin subtitles!

Season 3

One World Kitchen Season 3 features modern and traditional Cantonese, Greek, Lebanese and Vietnamese recipes. The four young, vibrant hosts create the tantalizing dishes using age-old cooking secrets from their unique cultures.

Available with Mandarin subtitles!

One World Kitchen: Bakes the Holidays

'One World Kitchen: Bakes the Holidays' is a sweet one-hour holiday baking special with a global twist! Hosts from One World Kitchen demonstrate easy-to-make recipes from Italy, Argentina, Japan and Thailand.

Available with Mandarin subtitles and Spanish dubbing!

One World Kitchen: Our Favorite Recipes

Our Favorite Recipes with One World Kitchen hosts: Hana (Japan), Vanessa (Italy), Natalia (Argentina) and Pailin (Thailand). Together they share their favorite traditional holiday dishes.

Available with Mandarin subtitles and Spanish dubbing!


Vijaya Selvaraju is an adventurous and dynamic self-taught cook, who’s been making her mark on Canadian television since she was eight years old….
Born and raised in Montreal, Chef and instructor Vanessa Gianfrancesco has been cooking with her grandparents in Italy since she was two years old….
Pailin Chongchitnant has always felt at home in the kitchen, and fondly recalls spending her childhood afternoons squeezing fresh coconut milk and grinding pork….
From trendy restaurants in Buenos Aires to working with world-renowned chefs in New York City, award-winning chef Natalia Machado’s profile has quickly earned international recognition….
Mary Tang was born in Hong Kong and grew up enjoying Chinese cuisines, alongside many others. Mary discovered her passion for cooking by helping her mom prepare large meals for friends and family….
Lisa Nguyen is the Marketing & Communications Lead at the Hawksworth Young Chef Scholarship Foundation where she combines her culinary experience with her marketing background….

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