Road Grill


Are you ready to barbeque? In each episode of Road Grill, Matt Dunigan and his team set up their giant barbecue road show at a new location and event, bringing love, laughs and great food to people enjoying the summertime outdoors.

Each episode features the two Road Grill barbecue techniques: high & fast grilling and low & slow smoking. There’s at least 3 barbecue recipes and one side dish whipped up in each episode. The show features rubs, marinades, sauces, salsas and chutneys along with tips and techniques on how to prepare great barbecue.

Matt’s enthusiasm, approach-ability, and barbecue know-how makes cooking in the great outdoors a breeze!

Matt Dunigan is the face, heart and soul of ROAD GRILL. Born in Ohio, the Dunigan family moved to Dallas when Matt was 6 years old where he quickly learned that Texans are fanatic about 2 things: football and barbecue.

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