Crate to Plate

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Crate to Plate

Crate to Plate is a documentary television series that follows the amazing journey of a home-grown Canadian ingredient from its originating source to its final destination.

Each episode will capture four stages of an ingredient’s journey – its home, harvest, travel, and destination. In each of the stages, viewers will meet incredible people – those who farm, package, transport and receive the bounty of incredible Canadian foodstuffs. They will tell the story.

Fast-moving, informative, engaging and entertaining, Crate to Plate is a prime time series designed to educate and encourage people to choose local ingredients when thinking about what they want for dinner.

Season 1

Food ingredients often take an incredible journey to get from harvest to plate. Meet the people whose lives are shaped by the food we grow, sell and eat.

Available with Mandarin subtitles and Spanish dubbing!


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