Cook Like a Chef


Cook Like a Chef inspires by focusing on how to cook as opposed to what to cook. Featuring a group of innovative, talented young chefs, watch as they explore and explain the arcana of cooking techniques. Each episode centers on a single ingredient or theme, as prepared by an expert chef who shares tips, tricks, and cooking techniques.

To guide us through this exploration, we meet Canada’s finest up and coming chefs: Derek Dammann, Natalia Machado, Katie Ardington, and Craig Wong. Join them as they combine the highest quality ingredients to create a dish, and a show, worthy of any table.

Today, Chef Derek Dammann is based in Montréal where he is the proud owner of Maison Publique.

About the Host

Well-established in the Ottawa culinary scene, Chef Katie Ardington is the executive chef for the Beckta restaurant group, overseeing Play Food&Wine, Beckta, and gezellig.

About the Host

Craig Wong is the Chef and owner of Patois Toronto, an Asian-Caribbean restaurant and the executive chef at Ting Irie, Dubai’s first Jamaican restaurant.

About the Host