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Spice Secrets

Hosted by Chefs Jasmin Ibrahim (a fellow chef and host of Gusto’s One World Kitchen) and Shahir Massoud (Host of CBC’s The Goods, Apple TV’s Man of the Kitchen, and a regular on CTV’s Marilyn Denis), Spice Secrets explores the big, exciting world of seeds, roots, bark, and fruits that fill all our spice shelves. The hosts’ spirited banter, knowledge, and skills bring some history, fun facts, plenty of jokes and, of course, a friendly competitive spark to each episode. In addition to her cooking chops, Jasmin is our resident spice expert, sharing her knowledge including info about culture, health and wellness, and the flavor profiles for each of the featured spices. Shahir is a world class chef who knows the recipes in depth and the culinary applications of the spices. He happily shares this knowledge with Jasmin and the viewers, along with the inspirations behind the dishes. While they cook together, Jasmin and Shahir also share personal stories, fun anecdotes, and, of course, lots of laughs! In each episode, the co-hosts select three to four spices as a focus, then add them to a variety of their favorite recipes – from easy classics like Fettucine Alfredo (with mustard seed) to internationally inspired creations like Thai Mango Salad (with fenugreek). Expect a broad variety of applications and techniques and lots of fun, even unexpected combinations. Spice Secrets is the show that proves that a pinch of spice makes a world of difference!


Shahir Massoud’s culinary journey began in 2009 when he decided to push aside his career as an accountant to move to New York City and pursue his dreams of becoming a cook. He attended the French Culinary Institute where he worked and learn…
Spending a lot of time on her family farm in Embrun, Ontario, Jasmin’s appreciation for food came naturally. From a young age, Jasmin Rose has had a strong personal connection with Lebanese cuisine….

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