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Jim Kelley

Jim Kelley

Jim Kelley, eccentric co-host of Junk Brothers, opened a few small companies of his own. He tried his hand at running an Antique store in Ottawa and then decided to focus on the transportation of antiquities. With his eye for quality furniture, his passion for people and travel and his special talent at flawlessly touching up damaged furniture, this business has been a success and continues to run today.

Jim has a passion for snowboarding, dogs, music, cars and of course anything that involves furniture. His first project was restoring a guitar. Today, Jim tends to work on more elaborate projects like seventeenth century French dressers, but his passion still lies in doing things that are funky and different. Although he spends his days restoring antiques to their original luster, Jim’s weekends are often spent hunting for his next ‘pet’ furniture-transformation project. His house is full of his own creations – a shrine to a talented craftsman.

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