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Eva Chin

Eva Chin

Born and raised on her grandmother’s farm in Kahuku, Hawaii, Eva Chin’s success as a chef was no surprise. Eva is currently the Executive Head Chef at Avling, Toronto’s latest restaurant for contemporary Chinese/Canadian cuisine. Her Samoan-Hawaiian and Singaporean-Chinese heritage shows through in every dish she makes. Eva has a degree in psychology, but after taking time off to travel after graduating, she found herself in the restaurant industry, and the rest is history. Prior to her current position, she worked at notable restaurants around the world, including Australia’s Brae, Norway’s Maaemo and Canada’s Momofuku Kojin. In the summer of 2021, Eva launched a pop-up called The Soy Luck Club. She started the passion brand to create and share Chinese cuisine through personal stories and experiences. Connect with her on Instagram: @ridetowander.

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