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Celebrate New Year's Eve with Kimberly Lallouz

Fun Chef Kimberly Lallouz, host of Holiday Eatz, takes on New Year’s Eve with a holiday menu designed to keep her out of the kitchen when the ball drops! Premieres December 27th at 8:00pm.

Our current cravings

OWK_2043_Ricotta Meatballs with Four Cheese Sauce_horizontal_ver1

Four Cheese Sauce

Candy Cane Cake from Flour Power Christmas: Big Wow Desserts

Candy Cane Cake

Philly Cheese Flank Steak Hoagies

Philly Cheese Flank Steak Hoagie

peppermint white russian

peppermint white russian

Sit down, relax and grab yourself a cup of cheer!

To celebrate Boxing Day, Chef Kimberly Lallouz makes a mesmerizing Peppermint White Russian mocktail/cocktail. Made with cold brew, candy cane and cream, this holiday treat is sure to lift your spirits.

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