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mark your calendars for an all day marathon of DNA Dinners, February 27! only on roku!

spicy beef bourguignon patty

What happens when you mix the best of Jamaican and French cuisine? A delicious spicy beef bourguinon patty! Join Tyrone and PJ for this culinary adventure on Saturday, February 27th, only on Roku.

host tyrone edwards

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BI_1001_Pepper Beef Stew_horizontal_2

Pepper Beef Stew

BI_1007_Rice Balls Stuffed with Seafood_horizontal_1

Rice Balls Stuffed with Seafood

meet our hosts

Tyrone Edwards - DNA Dinners

Tyrone got his start in television as the host of RAP CITY, before becoming a host on Much and E!, where he also hosted the MUCH ICONS social media series, and co-hosted IT LIST: CALIFORNIA, the annual E! Travel special. His versatility and enthusiasm has landed him many other gigs, including co-hosting two IHEARTRADIO MMVAs, the MUCH COUNTDOWN, co-hosting two IHEARTRADIO MMVA red carpet specials, multiple WE DAY events across the country, and weighing in as a fashion expert on original Canadian series, CELEBRITY STYLE STORY. Tyrone can also be seen in the TSN original social media series 6IX DEGREES, and most recently became the host of the all-new Gusto original cooking series, DNA DINNERS.

host tyrone edwards

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