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Gusto TV to launch as FIRST FOOD CHANNEL on Stremium

Ottawa, Canada, December 2, 2021 – Gusto TV is pleased to announce its newest global distribution deal with streaming platform aggregator, Stremium. With its robust line-up of culinary originals, Gusto TV will launch on Stremium as the platform’s first food channel.

“Gusto TV is and always has been a place where all cultures can come together to celebrate culinary traditions and differences,” says Chris Knight, President and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media. “As our shows continue to reshape, innovate, and push the food-genre forward, we’re excited to share stories, passions and our ethos with more viewers.”

Gusto TV is an international food channel with exceptional production values and sophisticated storytelling. With hundreds of hours of proprietary content, Gusto TV offers a culturally diverse lineup that is a feast for the eyes and connects emotionally with viewers. Gusto TV’s award-winning titles can be viewed in English, Spanish and Mandarin across 160 countries on 31 different platforms. Check out the Watch Now page to get all of Gusto TV’s delicious culinary programming.

“As streaming replaces traditional TV delivery methods such as cable and satellite, we envision that the number of channels will continue to explode, allowing every imaginable interest group to have a channel tailored especially for them,” says Stremium CEO, James Fitzgerald. “Consumers need a single platform to help them discover these channels and allow them to access them whether they are free and ad-supported, or subscription-based. We’re very excited to offer Gusto TV on Stremium for free so that food enthusiasts can access their fantastic lineup of cooking content.”

Stremium is a streaming TV platform that aims to bring every streaming channel into one interface on every device. In addition to their growing list of free streaming channels, Stremium allows users to add traditional cable channels to their lineup through partnerships like Vidgo and manage their subscriptions and billing in one place. Users also have the ability to schedule, record, and store their favorite shows utilizing Stremium’s Cloud DVR.

Food is the one true global language, and Gusto speaks all dialects.

About Gusto TV

Gusto TV is the world’s best food channel. From in-studio cooking series featuring creative recipes and dynamic hosts to fascinating documentary and reality series about food culture and sustainability, Gusto TV delivers a diverse mix of engaging and inspiring cooking programming that resonates globally. Gusto TV’s internationally acclaimed series include DNA Dinners, One World Kitchen, and Crate to Plate.


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