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puff pastry

Flour Power_1003_Blueberry-Cream Cheese Strudel_horizontal_2

Blueberry-Cream Cheese Strudel

UV_1004_Sundried Tomato and Fontina Tart_horizontal_v1

Tomato-Fontina Tart

UV_1004_Mushroom-Brie Tart and Tomato-Fontina Tart_horizontal_v1

Mushroom-Brie Tart

UV_1015_Green Curry Veggie Pot Pie_horizontal_v1

Green Curry Veggie Pot Pies

FTD_2019_Swordfish Wellington_horizontal_ver 1

Swordfish Wellington


Salt Cod Ricotta Calzone


Roasted Beet Tatin

BBC Food Website (30th January 2012)

Apple and Passion Fruit Tartlets

Summer Tomato Mozzarellissima Cheese Tart

Summer Tomato Mozzarellissima Cheese Tart


Fig tatin with vanilla mascarpone


Tomato Tarte Tatin


Dijon puff pastry crackers


Chicken pot pie with herb pastry

CLAC 5163 - Borek of Asparagus and Tahini Chilli Palmiers- p

Tahini and chili palmiers

CLAC - 5146 - Capicolla and Asiago Pinwheels - pic 006

Capicolla and asiago pinwheels