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OWK_3056_Winter Melon Soup_horizontal_1

Winter Melon Soup


Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

RoadGrill_1006_Melon Ball Salad

Melonball Salad

Road Grill_1025_Ice Cold Kiwi Melon Frosty

Kiwi Melon Frosty


Tomato and Melon Gazpacho with Matane Shrimp

CLAC 5148 - Melon cubes with a Port sauce - pic 001

Melon appetizers in two different mint sauces

CLAC 5148 - Cold Honeydew and Mint Soup - pic 004

Cold honeydew and mint soup in cantaloupe

LTG4078_Melon Soup with Ginger Cucumber Salsa_pic005.JPEG

Melon soup with cucumber salsa