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Turkish Chicken Skewers

Turkish Chicken Skewers

Greek Potatoes from Spencer's BIG 30

Greek Potatoes

Pork Souvlaki from Spencer's BIG 30

Pork Souvlaki

Greek Country Salad from Spencer's BIG 30

Greek Country Salad

OWK_3079_Cretan Meat Pie_horizontal_ 1

Cretan Meat Pie

OWK_3079_Cretan Wedding Risotto_horizontal_1

Cretan Wedding Risotto

OWK_3079_Phyllo Pastry with Nuts_horizontal_1

Phyllo Pastry with Nuts

OWK_3080_Beef and Orzo Casserole_horizontal_1

Beef and Orzo Casserole

OWK_3080_Drunk Cookies_horizontal_1

Drunk Cookies

OWK_3076_Fried Cod in Garlic-Potato Dip_horizontal_1

Fried Cod with Garlic-Potato Dip

OWK_3080_Sausage and Pepper Stew_horizontal_1

Sausage and Pepper Stew

OWK_3076_Fried Dough Balls in Honey_horizontal_1

Fried Dough Balls in Honey

OWK_3080_Stuffed Mussels_horizontal_1

Stuffed Mussels

OWK_3076_Lamb Fricassée_horizontal_1

Lamb Fricassee

OWK_3081_Baked Pastichio_horizontal_1

Baked Pastichio