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Global Veggies

Global Veggies is a vegetarian cooking show featuring Chef Pino Di Cerbo. A ‘spiritual successor’ to the popular Gusto TV series ‘VegHeadz,’ this upbeat, fun, and captivating show carries on the VegHeadz tradition of focusing on one plant-based ingredient per recipe. The twist? Now, each ingredient is prepared using signature ingredients and techniques from a different country where the ingredient would be an unlikely visitor!


Dine Your Sign

Wondering what to eat? Let the stars decide! Dine Your Sign is a mystical romp through the world of astrology and its connection to food, taking on eats for every stop on the zodiac wheel, one sign at a time!


Cook Like a Chef

Cook Like a Chef inspires by focusing on how to cook as opposed to what to cook. Featuring a group of innovative, talented young chefs, watch as they explore and explain the arcana of cooking techniques.


CombiNATION Plates

CombiNATION Plates is a new show where the host creates two classic culinary dishes from two different cultures then combines them to create one stunning plate.



BLITZ! is an all-new, all-different live-to-tape cooking show! Imagine being next to the chef as they prepare their favorite dishes! Conversation, trivia, and more!

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Junk Brothers

Junk Brothers is a fast-paced television series that follows the adventures of two brothers and their junk to funk furniture transformations.

Licence to Grill

LICENSE TO GRILL turns up the heat on the best of outdoor grilling, barbeque, and loads of side dishes. Hosted by barbeque guru Rob Rainford, LICENSE TO GRILL inspires outdoor grilling and barbeque enthusiasts. Go beyond simple steak and burgers and create your outdoor feasts!

Cook Like a Chef

Set in a dramatic cooking environment, this innovative series features young chefs exploring and explaining a myriad of cooking techniques. Breaking the fourth wall, every imaginable technique, tip, and kitchen secret is revealed teaching viewers how to cook, not what to cook.

The Edible Roadshow

Food connoisseur Carlo Rota hosts The Edible Roadshow – a gastronomic adventure across Canada. In a fun, hip style, Rota explores regional and ethnic influences around various locales.

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