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Angie MacRae

Angie MacRae

Angie MacRae is a Chef and co-host This Food That Wine. Angie is a graduate of Stratford Chefs School, but her “food education” stretches far outside of the classroom. When she’s not co-hosting, Angie shares her knowledge with other passionate foodies by teaching, catering and cooking at various interactive kitchen spaces. It is this background in teaching food preparation to the everyday home-chef that made Angie a perfect choice for this “how-to” series.

Ever since she was a child, Angie has loved being in the kitchen. Although her recipes started out simple (like her famous chocolate chip cookies), the kitchen has always been a place that felt like home. Angie’s cooking education began when she worked as a “bush cook” in the middle of Northern Ontario, working off of propane tanks and a generator to supply hard working tree-planters with hot & delicious meals. According to Angie her natural surroundings posed a few challenges, “sometimes the bears stole my food” she laughs “I let them have it”.

Angie moved from the back woods to the open farm lands of Guelph, Ontario. There she worked in a small organic bakery as head baker, she also started her own small health food take away business that she ran from the Guelph market.  It was with these combined experiences as baker and food marketer with premium ingredients and natural products that Angie found her calling – she wanted to be a Chef. At Stratford Chefs School Angie’s love of food grew even deeper. As Angie explains, “it was an unbelievably intense course that taught us how hard we could work and how much we could learn from not only our instructors but from each other – there is always something to learn from another cook”.

Angie has now moved to Ottawa where she runs a successful catering and food consulting business. Her excellence as a chef combined with a love of fresh seasonal ingredients has made her a hit on the chi-chi Embassy circuit. Her company also provides full catering services to the city’s film and television industry.

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