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Fried Mussels (Cozze Fritte)

Fried Mussels (Cozze Fritte)

Cioppini (Seafood Stew) from Pressure's ON

Cioppino (Seafood Stew)

Herby Grilled Mussels from Watts on the Grill

Herby Grilled Mussels

OWK_3080_Stuffed Mussels_horizontal_1

Stuffed Mussels

LTG 2036 BBQedPepperedMussels

Peppered Mussels

OWK_2043_Stuffed Mussels_horizontal_ver1

Stuffed Mussels (Cozze Ripiene)

BI_1007_Seafood Couscous_horizontal_1

Seafood Couscous


Seafood Ceviche

Latin Kitchen_1005_Asado Negro_horizontal_3

Blackened Roast Beef

Latin Kitchen_1006_Mejillones Rellens-Tigres_horizontal_1

Fried Stuffed Mussels

Latin Kitchen_1010_Paella de Mariscos _horizontal_1

Seafood Paella

Latin Kitchen_1010_Romesco de Peix Gerona_horizontal_3

Seafood Stew

FTD_2028_Chai Tea Mussels and Chick Pea Bread_horizontal_ver 1

Chai Tea Mussels


Sake and Lemongrass-Steamed Mussels with Noodles and Peanut Vinaigrette

Mussels with Dijon and Saffron Sauce

Mussels in Dijon and Saffron Sauce