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20 tips to ignite your inner pitmaster


TIP #1: Always grill with the lid up, unless you’re barbecuing low and slow. You want fire from the bottom, not heat like an oven.

TIP #2:  When marinading your meat, tofu, or vegetables, make sure you give it time to absorb all the delicious flavors!

TIP #3: Oil your grill! Oil doesn’t stick to oil, so adding it to your grill will prevent the meat from sticking.

TIP #4: Use tinfoil on the grill as extra protection from burning.

TIP #5: If you‘re using wooden skewers, for meats or vegetables, it’s best to soak them first – they won’t burn as quickly.

meat and skewers on a bbq

5 tips for grilling meat

TIP #1: Always, always, always cook meat on the bone whenever you can. A little bit of bone means lots of flavour!

TIP #2: Always tent your meat. It helps the juices to evenly distribute. Otherwise, when you cut into it, all those tasty juices run off onto your cutting board.

TIP #3: Flipping your meat too often can sabotage the char and eliminate most of the seasoning. Simply pick it up with one motion, flip and place it back down on the grill.

TIP #4: Don’t overcook your pork. Pork is lean and dry out if it’s overdone. Instead, don’t be afraid to leave it a little pink. Pink signifies delicious and tender!

TIP #5: The secret to succulent sausage is cooking first over indirect heat, then moving them over to direct heat for a final char. 

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Smoked Turkey Two Ways
salmon steak on a plate

5 tips for bbqing fish

TIP #1: Want to know if your fish is done? The flesh should be opaque. Still not sure? Stick a skewer in the center and wait 3 seconds. Take it out and stick it on your tongue, if it’s warm, it’s ready! If it’s cold, keep it on the grill!

TIP #2: Fish must always be served hot, hot, hot!

TIP #3: When you put fish on the grill, leave it alone. The grill will do all the work!

TIP #4: To prevent your fish from falling apart, be sure to leave the skin on.

TIP #5: When grilling with the skin on, first, grill flesh side down first for the first 70% of the cook time. For the remainder, flip and cook skin side down.

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Grilled Trout with Apricot Chutney
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Mango Habanero Grilled Shrimp
Herb-Stuffed Arctic Char from Watts on the Grill
Herb-Stuffed Arctic Char
vegetable skewers on the bbq

5 tips for roasting vegetables

TIP #1: Vegetables are best grilled on medium (around 350 degrees) or medium-high temperatures (around 400 to 425 degrees).

TIP #2: Need a simple vegetable seasoning? Just add olive oil, salt and pepper! 

TIP #3: Adding vegetables to skewers gives them a nice char and smoky flavour without falling through the grill grate. To prep, just drizzle some olive oil with salt and pepper to taste. 

TIP #4: Cooking vegetables without skewers, it’s best to cut them into shapes (strips or rounds). This creates more surface area that is exposed to the grill. Strips and round shape rather than chunks work especially.

TIP #5: If you don’t want to babysit your veg, try cooking it in a packet. Lightly coat tin foil with nonstick cooking spray, add your vegetables and toss it one the que!

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Grilled Sweet Potato With Marshmallow
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Barbequed Carrot Hot Dogs
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Rotisserie Cauliflower
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